Environmental and economic management

Gyva is committed to implementing the most environmentally friendly business practices possible.

  • Our environmental and ecological policy can therefore be summed up in six points:
  • Favor the purchase of products containing recycled materials and require manufacturers to provide complete information on this subject;
  • Promote these products in our product catalogs and on our website;
  • Adopt green practices and promote their application in our business;
  • Market Offix private label products;
  • Print our main publications on paper meeting recognized environmental certifications (FSC®, PEFC, SFI);

Reuse of boxes in the shipment of goods

  • We reuse the boxes in which our suppliers send us their products;
  • Boxes that cannot be recovered in this way are recycled;
  • We only use fully recycled paper to fill boxes during shipping;
  • The boxes are made entirely from recycled cardboard, in addition to being completely recyclable after use.
  • At Gyva, no cardboard gets into the landfill.

Transport optimization

  • Eliminate the number of additional shipments required when ordered items are out of stock;
  • The transport routes are configured in such a way as to optimize the transport time of our deliveries;
  • These measures allow us to make only the necessary deliveries and thus remove several trucks from the roads. As a result, we can reduce air and noise pollution generated by our activities.

Green products

  • All the ecological products we sell are clearly identified on our publications or our website.
  • We offer more than 3000 ecological products of different national brands, which is almost 10% of our products.
  • The ecological products sold by our company must be made from recycled materials or have recognized environmental certification.

Empty Cartridge Recovery Program

The Hamster® Network offers an empty ink cartridge recovery program through the Mira Foundation.

Nothing could be simpler, just register and call Mira to pick up your empty cartridges. This small gesture allows MIRA to train guide dogs for blind and disabled people and children with autism spectrum disorder.

The joint contribution of Hamster® customers makes it possible to train approximately 10 guide dogs per year.

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Maman Dion Foundation

Each year, on the eve of the start of the new school year, Hamster® offers more than 1,200 gift cards to underprivileged families so that they can obtain the school supplies they need to get back to school.

This is our way of supporting the Maman Dion Foundation, which has given itself the mission of providing school supplies, glasses and necessary clothing to children from disadvantaged families in order to encourage and support their academic success.

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