About Gyva


History of Gyva:

Since its founding in 1978, Gyva has grown steadily, working tirelessly to provide an unbeatable shopping experience to its valued customer base. The family business has built its reputation on the diversity and quality of its products and on the efficiency and speed of its service.

Over the years, Gyva has established itself in Abitibi-Témiscamingue, Nord-du-Québec and the Outaouais as a staple in stationery, office furniture, IT equipment, IT services and, more recently , of the gift. Always keen to reach new heights, Gyva and its team of professionals are constantly on the lookout for new things and innovations.


Our mission :

Gyva can count on a dedicated team of professional, competent and loyal employees, always anxious to meet all your needs. It is an essential link in our approach to customer satisfaction. By fostering an atmosphere of teamwork, Gyva ensures that it provides impeccable service to its customers and offers them comprehensive solutions.

For any additional information, do not hesitate to contact our associates:

Gilles Frigon, président et associé | kEncEmailhjmmftAhzwb/db
Julie Frigon, associée | kEncEmailkvmjf/gsjhpoAhzwb/db
Sylvain Lavallée, c.p.a. c.a., associé | kEncEmailtzmwbjoAhzwb/db
Denis Lavoie, associé | kEncEmailefojtAhzwb/db 




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Gyva Division Nordique dessert le Nord-du-Québec (Baie-James Eeyou-Istchee et Nunavik) et le Nord canadien afin de répondre à une demande de plus en plus grandissante. Depuis sa création, nous avons tissé des liens étroits avec les acteurs clés, les organismes et les communautés de ces belles et vastes régions.

Gyva Division Nordique serves the North of Quebec (Baie-James Eeyou-Istchee and Nunavik) and the Canadian North in order to meet growing demand. Since its creation, we have forged close ties with the key players, organizations and communities of these beautiful and vast regions. We offer our customers a range of products and services that go well beyond the scope of day-to-day business activities. The requests are varied and aim to meet the specific needs of our Nordic clientele. Over the years, our staff have acquired enviable skills in order to adequately meet their expectations. We also have the skills and packing equipment to ship custom-designed fixtures and furnishings to our northern customers, whether by truck, plane, cargo plane, mail or sea.

At Gyva Division Nordique, we are not afraid of distance.